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Orthodontic Treatment Can Improve A Variety Of Malocclusions

Posted on May 7, 2018

In order to maintain proper oral health and care for your teeth, it is important to monitor the alignment of your teeth. If your teeth do not align well in any way, you could experience several oral health risks as a result and have a smile that does not look ideal. If you are struggling with a bad bite or other tooth alignment issues, you may have a malocclusion that requires orthodontic treatment.

Most often, issues with the alignment of your teeth are due to your incisors having issues. These are teeth at the front of your smile that can easily develop so that they stick out or are rotated the wrong way. Common malocclusions involving the incisors are overbites (buck teeth), underbites (bulldog teeth), open bites, deep bites and misplaced midlines.

If your mouth has developed in such a way that your lower jaw sticks out farther than your upper jaw, this is a condition called a crossbite. Other issues that affect the alignment of your teeth and jaws can include spacing, rotation and transposition, resulting in irregularities in the teeth, jaw and gums of your face.

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