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What Sets Us Apart

Each element of Orthodontic Avenue has been designed to provide our patients with the highest level of care possible. Our orthodontist and team leave nothing to chance!

We invite you to consider the following features of our practice:

  • Customer Service – Our team here at Orthodontic Avenue is highly trained, and is committed to making your experience in our office as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Your comfort matters to us, and we are proud of the service that we provide.
  • Customization – Your smile is customized to YOU. In looking at various gallery pictures and ads, you may have seen a lot of “cookie cutter” smiles that look identical from person to person. When you finish your treatment at Orthodontic Avenue, your smile will be uniquely designed for you. We will design your smile using 3D technology, to fit the unique structures and layout of your face, lips, and gums to give you the best possible result – a smile that naturally compliments your unique features.
  • Affordable Treatment – We strive to give you the best treatment at an affordable fee of just $2998, & most insurances are accepted.
  • Clinical Experience – Dr Chudasama is the proud recipient of the Southern Association Of Orthodontists ‘Excellence in Education’ Award and has many years of experience in helping patients of all ages achieve beautiful, healthier smiles. Here at Orthodontic Avenue, we are at the cutting edge of the most advanced diagnostic, restorative and orthodontic treatment technologies and techniques in conjunction with our dental partners in order to provide our patients with high-quality care.
  • Patient Trust – Nothing is more important to us than our patient’s trust. It is our commitment to never violate this trust, and to treat our patients with integrity and honesty.

We strive to maintain our affordable fee of Braces for just $2998 with monthly payments of only $125/month & $295 down, which includes all of the following:

  • Putting the braces on
  • All the appointments and adjustments
  • Repairs
  • Taking the braces off
  • A set of custom, vacuum formed, clear retainers
  • Retainer checks are included in the fee

Orthodontic Avenue has an additional product for those who get braces, our six-year Retainer Assurance program. It’s a completely optional service to help keep your smile straight long after your braces are off.

If you have current orthodontic insurance, then you get an additional benefit!

Our services are available in Grand Prairie, Texas. Please call us today at 972.899.5455 to make your appointment with us. We invite you to join our family of patients, and look forward to meeting you soon!


It’s the perfect time to get that Smile.

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